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Design Draft Guidelines Form

The required detailed copy information, including title, body text, tables, basic information...etc. The copy provided must have been proofread. Do not provide a large amount of copy that needs to be deleted. The copy provided means that all the copy on the design draft should be used. If it involves pages with a large number of pages, the copy should clearly state the location of the page and the accompanying pictures. location, and a description of the drawings.
Markdown notation concepts, marked in the following ways: large mark #1, winning mark ##2, small mark ###3, paragraph (internal text), emphasized words, ordered list, unordered list, table, picture (main image, basemap, illustration)

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Illustrations for landscaping are not required. Required image means specifying the product image or imagery to be used, or specifying a copyrighted image. If the specified image file needs to be compared with the copy, the name of the image file used should be indicated in the copy (Picture: P002)
Please provide clear design directions or reference drawings, or any clear artwork or files.

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